PRETTY BOY THORSON "Loud & Ugly" LP ( pre order )

Posted on February 24th, 2015

The pre order for the new Prety Boy Thorson LP "Loud & Ugly" officially started at midnight. 

"10 song ep from Jesse Thorson, and friends. The same lovable monster who brought you the Falling Angels, Lil Happines, Slow Death, Legendary San Diego Chargers, Exploding Butt Farts, and we could go on, but let's choose to digress. Sweet, somber, tunes delivered with force, and conviction by a man who resembles Walter from "The Big Lebowski". Laugh along, or open a wrist, either way, blood will be spilled, and you will find yourself alone, crying, while crooning along in your underwear."

510 pressed ( 3 violet, 34 blue, 81 pink, 138 hot pink, 264 red wine )