Posted on January 31st, 2015

10 song ep from Jesse Thorson, and friends. The same lovable monster who brought you, the Falling Angels, Lil Happines, Slow Death, Legendary San Diego Chargers, Exploding Butt Farts, and we could go on, but let's choose to digress. Sweet, somber, tunes, delivered with force, and conviction, by a man who resembles Walter from "The Big Lebowski". Laugh along, or open a wrist, either way, blood will be spilled, and you will find yourself alone, crying, while crooning along in your underwear. 

The pre order for "Loud & Ugly" will go up in the next week or two. We are just waiting on the records to arrive from the plant, so we can sort through them, and figure out how many wacky variations we have. It's being pressed on random split tone vinyl, so there could be any number or weird color combinations, to quench your nerdish leanings, or if that's not your thing, just pick out one you like. 

Also, If you were one of the fifty people to order a test, it will ship as soon as they arrive.