KING FRIDAY "Dignity Crusade" ADD098


Never underestimate the rock stylings of old dudes with children. They might dress lame, so they can punch a clock, drive around town in a soccer mom van, pay bills, and eventually die. Sounds glamorous, but through these random tasks, routines, and daily minutia, comes suppressed desire. An overwhelming urge to purge yourself with rock and roll, drown yourself in beer, and howl at the moon. This might seem lame to the outsider looking in, but in reality, you have five bottled up individuals ready to explode. Five mature, well seasoned, veteran musicians, who've been around the block more than once. Dudes who've already made all the mistakes, fucked shit up on more than one occasion, took everything with a grain of salt, and live to tell about it through song.


  1. What I Got So Far
  2. Dignity Crusade
  3. Blackjack
  4. Damn Nation
  5. Fair Enough
  6. Liberal On Liberal Violence
  7. Seventeen
  8. Lunatic Side
  9. Smart Mouth
Pressing Information

200 pressed on black vinyl. Also available in CD, and digital format.