DUDE JAMS "How To Abuse Everything" ADD


In the great quest to stay inebriated all the time one must not force creativity. That is why Dude Jams albums are not created over night. It take many benders, moving from city city, and playing with a different group of dudes in every location. When you run out of beer money, you go down to the lab, and let the scientists experiment on you, by forcing adderhall down your throat in exchange for some cold hard cash. In between all of this nonsense, boredom, frustration, and hiding out in a small attic, or cave from time to time, a 12 song recording has been produced. This is that 12 song recording in all it's drug addled beauty.


  1. Drink, Drank, Panic
  2. Disappointment Is An Understatement
  3. Fucked Up
  4. Flower Eaters
  5. Chainsaw
  6. Brief Metal Intermission
  7. 12 Pack Anthem
  8. Timebomb
  9. Don't Try
  10. Song Titles Are Like Assholes
  11. Don Keedix
  12. Poison
Pressing Information

500 pressed (290 orange, 158 rust, 93 light gray mix, 84 camo green)