NATO COLES & THE BLUE DIAMOND BAND "Promises To Deliver" A.D.D. Records


NATO COLES (Modern Machines, Used Kids) has finally delivered the definitive rock & roll full-length of his Minneapolis'-based, THE BLUE DIAMOND BAND. With heart-on-his-sleeves influences ranging from: Bruce Springsteen & The Replacements, Nato has mastered writing a fucking great rock & roll song. Elements of country-twang and punk rock are soaked within the bones of these instantly memorable rock songs. (Comes w/ download).


  1. See Some Lights
  2. Julie (Hang Out A Little Longer)
  3. You Can Count On Me Tonight
  4. Econoline
  5. Late Night Heroes
  6. Hard To Hear The Truth
  7. Rudes And Cheaps
  8. The True Blue Rocker
  9. Promises To Deliver
Pressing Information

1st press (450 black, 50 orange, 50 yellow)
2nd press (300 black, 100 blue, 100 clear)