MADISON BLOODBATH & WORTHWHILE WAY "The Moon In The Darkness" A.D.D. Records


4 tracks from each band on this wonderful slab of ten inch vinyl. Madison Bloodbath play gritty, melodic, punk in the vein of Hot Water Music via Pinhead Gunpowder. Wonderful layered vocals without all the sugar coated harmonizing. Very underrated, and always wonderful live. Worthwhile Way hail from Japan, and are some of the nicest, most, upbeat folks, you will ever meet, and it reflects directly in the songs they write. Conscious, alive, happy, and not afraid to rock. Comes with free digital download. Includes digital download, mini-zine, and insert.


  1. Tears For Beers
  2. Sail in, Stumble Out
  3. Hot Havasu Nights
  4. Who Invited This Quimby
  5. White Christmas
  6. Golden Sun
  7. A Lotus Flower In Muddy Water
  8. Acacia Tree
Pressing Information

300 pressed (200 black, 100 white)

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